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Practical information regarding the BSEC PDF:
  • Institutions from at least three (3) BSEC countries must participate and the project must have the consent of the respective governments. Projects are encouraged to involve more than three BSEC Member States as well as institutions from non-BSEC countries.
  • Any legal entity from the 12 BSEC Member States can apply as partner.
  • Partners from non-BSEC countries (i.e. Observers) are encouraged to participate in the project but are not eligible to the Grant (must self finance their activities).
  • The Grant can be up to 30,000 Euros and the project (pre-feasibility study) must be completed within 12 months. Additional project financing is welcome from the partners (own financing) or other sources.
  • The project application must be signed and stamped by all partners and be available in electronic version to be presented for an initial assessment at the corresponding Working Group (Transport, Energy, Tourism, S&Technology, Telecommunications, Good Governance, Environment, Agro-Industry, SMEs, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals etc).
  • It is important that the project be well written, clear and comprehensible, realistic and with a strong possibility to be implemented after the BSEC financed stage. There should be a realistic and justified possibility to ensure additional sources of funding for its implementation.  
  • 60% of the Grant is paid as soon as the project is approved by the PDF Steering Committee and a contract is signed with BSEC PERMIS.
  • An Interim (mid-term) Report as well as a Final Report must be submitted both containing a financial part showing expenditures (all in English).
  • Upon completion of the project, partners must present valid proof of expenditures to receive the remaining 40% of the Grant.
  • The official language for all communication and documents of PDF is English.
PDF Applications are submitted to BSEC PERMIS (1) for assessment and endorsement by the corresponding BSEC Working Groups, (2) forwarded to the Committee of Senior Officials and then (3) to the PDF Steering Committee for a final decision on funding. In some cases, this process may last a few months depending on the dates of the Working Group Meetings.
The PDF Grant is given for pre-feasibility purposes, to elaborate on project idea(s) and plan for the development and implementation of the project after the BSEC PDF-financed stage.
All PDF Applications should contain an assessment on how the project concerned may promote the implementation of specific Resolutions, Decisions and Recommendations of the BSEC Council, including those endorsing the Declarations and action Plans adopted by Sectoral Ministerial Meetings. 
All PDF Applications should have a clear economic component (not just research) and be able to attract funds towards their full scale implementation, after the PDF-financed stage, in order to contribute to the development of the BSEC region.
More information is available at the BSEC website:
Don’t hesitate to contact BSEC PERMIS for any additional information (email: or contact
Mr. Konstantinos Zaimis, Project Coordinator


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