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Subject: Requirements for applications submitted for funding to the BSEC Project Development Fund (PDF).

Dear PDF Applicants,

1. The Resolution of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, held in Moscow on 1 November 2006, states the following:

“... that every project proposal submitted for funding by the PDF should contain an assessment on how the project concerned may promote the implementation of specific Resolutions, Decisions and Recommendations of the Council, including those endorsing the Declarations and action Plans adopted by Sectoral Ministerial Meetings”.

Therefore, every PDF Application to be submitted or already presented should contain the above mentioned important assessment.

2. Also, the PDF Manual of Operations states that the Fund is established “for the purpose of facilitating the elaboration and promotion of projects with high regional cooperation and development impact in the BSEC region.... under the guidance of the relevant BSEC Working Groups”.

3. In addition, BSEC, being an Organization for economic cooperation, it has repeatedly emphasized the fact that PDF funding should be allocated to projects encompassing a clear economic element and with a high possibility to attract public or private funding in the project implementation stage.

4. Furthermore, BSEC emphasizes the importance of examining PDF Applications leading to bankable projects, as well as those applications that are co-financed by other sources. Bankable projects, after the PDF financed stage, may be submitted for funding at the Black Sea Trade & Development Bank.

All the relevant information concerning: 

* The BSEC areas of cooperation and the corresponding Working Groups activities (Action Plans etc);

* The BSEC statutory documents, Ministerial Declarations, Statements and other official documents;

Can be accessed at the BSEC main website:

 Additional inquiries can be forwarded to: or







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